This section contains important information – please read carefully before making a booking.

1a. REGISTRATION – All pets must be registered with us before we can provide any services. We will require

details about your pet’s health, history, behaviour, habits, likes and dislikes and to meet your pets in their

home environment or within ours for home boarding. We will need to see a record of your veterinary details

and take details of your dog’s vaccinations. We then need to arrange for the provision of a key and alarm

details. This initial meeting for registration is free of charge

1b. FIRST TIME REGISTRANTS: New dogs will have to undergo a meet and greet before their bookings. This is to ensure that resident dogs and your dog/s get along well. This is also when we can assess your pet’s anxiety, nervousness, or reactivity.  There will also be a recorded trial period of 2 bookings. Your pet’s welfare is paramount and therefore, Ruff Tails LTD reserve the right to not accept any further bookings.

1c. EXCLUSIONS – Ruff Tails LTD will not under any circumstances take on an aggressive dog that would be

a danger to either ourselves or the public’s animals. We also do not accept any dogs listed in the Dangerous

Dogs Act 1997 e.g. Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentinian, Fila Brasileiro cannot be accepted. If your

dog at any point shows any aggression after initial sign up and you have not been honest with us and your dog

goes on the cause damage to any dog/person within our care, you will be directly responsible for health/vet

bills, the dog(s) health and full recovery. Ruff Tails LTD takes no responsibility whatsoever for dishonesty

and a dangerous dog.

1d. SPAYING/CASTRATION – Ruff Tails LTD will also not accept bitches in season for group walks and would

need to arrange a solo walk on lead. We will not accept any bitch in season for boarding and will not accept

any dog over 10 months who has not been castrated unless there is a medical reason for your dog not to be

altered to which we would need written acknowledgement from your vet.

2a. VACCINATIONS & HEALTH – Ruff Tails LTD kindly requests that your pet(s) are vaccinated and ensure

that they are on a regular worming and flea programme.

2b. EXCLUSIONS – Ruff Tails LTD takes no responsibility whatsoever for dogs with fleas, worms or those

that are not up to date with vaccinations or carrying any kind of diseases. This is solely the responsibility of the

owner and to prevent them catching anything this must always be up to date. Should your dog come in and

infect our dogs you will be solely responsible to cover vet bills for those owners effected.

3a. IDENTIFICATION OF DOGS – In accordance with the control of Dogs Order 1922, dogs should wear a collar

with your surname and address (including post code) of the owner engraved or written on it. A telephone

number is optional but advisable. Failure to do so can result in a fine, which the dog owner is fully liable for.

Ruff Tails LTD is happy to source a tag at an additional cost and provide a microchipping service to register

your pet with petlog.

4a. EMERGENCIES – If it becomes necessary, we will take your pet to our registered vets Pets at Home

Vets4Pets, East Street, Epsom, Surrey.

5a. INSURANCE – We are fully insured with Protectivity to cover all aspects of Pet Care. Pet Taxi, Pet

Boarding, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Live in Pet Sitting.

5b. KEYS – If you provide us with a key, we will only use to collect and return your dog’s/pets to your home or

go in to feed them as and when requested. Keys will be returned on demand as and when requested. All keys

are tagged with an ID code and stored in a secure lock box in a safe, we do not write your address on these

tags, only the names of your pet.

6a. PRICES AND PAYMENT – The charges for our services can be found on our website or quoted to you

in advance before meeting us. The customer will be deemed to have accepted the charges and terms and

conditions prior to making a booking. Prices are subject to annual review. All customers will be notified before

any changes are made. Monthly payments will be accepted.

6b- ADDITONS – Should we need to contact your emergency contact or cut your boarding period short you will

be liable for the full payment of your dogs stay. For example, if we can no longer care for your dog due to

aggression, excessive barking or their anxiety you will still be liable for the full period of time.