Firstly, thank you for choosing us! We will make sure your pup gets all the attention and care they need!

So once you have registered with us, we need to have a meet and greet session. This is a free session where your dog or dogs will get to know the resident dogs, Betty and RB. We will be assessing socialisation skills, nervousness, anxiety or any reactivity your dog may have. You will also be invited to check the premise. We can also go for a short walk with us to nearby fields to get a feel for what we can offer your dog during their stay.

There will also be a trial period of a minimum of 2 bookings. If your dog is nervous, reactive or anxious, we can discuss how we can move forward with this. We will work with you to help as we believe your pet’s welfare is paramount.

what happens during the meet and greet?

This is an informal meeting for us to get to know each other. This is also an opportunity for me to learn about your dogs. You will be shown around the house and garden. We can observe how our pets are getting along. There is also an option of going for a walk at nearby fields or hogsmill.


Please take the time to fill in for required forms and read the terms and condition. Also, we will need a copy of their vaccination records or titre test record.